‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 4 Finale Spoilers | Heavy.com

'Chicago P.D.' Season 4 Finale Spoilers | Heavy.com
Linstead Fans, Don't Expect A Happy Ending From The 'Chicago P.D.' Finale — Watch
Tonight is the season 4 finale of 'Chicago P.D.'. What will happen on tonight's show? Get the top spoilers here.

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, May 17, 2017, season 4 episode 23 called, “Fork in the Road,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight's Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “In the

Chicago PD Finale Recap: Season 4 Episode 23 "Fork in the Road"

Tonight on the Chicago PD 2017 finale, Bunny is the prime suspect in a murder case that opens up after a group of high school students overdose. Also on Chicago PD season 4, Lindsay finds herself in from of the review board for her actions in last week … . Lindsay's mother Bunny Want one more slice of Chicago PD season 4 finale spoilers before the episode airs tonight? Well, let's just say that Lindsay's mother Bunny is in danger. As for how this specific danger comes about, here's what can be said going …

Linstead Fans, Don't Expect A Happy Ending From The 'Chicago P.D.' Finale — Watch

'Chicago P.D.' Season 4 Finale Spoilers

The finale of 'Chicago P.D.' wasn't what we expected — and the show may never be the same. After Lindsay broke the law, she was immediately stripped of her badge — and it was the worst timing possible. On this week's episode, she was forced out of …
Tonight is the season 4 finale of Chicago P.D., and many questions remain in the life of Erin Lindsay. Read on for details about the show's renewal and spoilers for tonight's episode. You're not going to want to miss a minute of this one, #ChiHards .
Yet another cliffhanger involving Lindsay's job situation. Do the writers have some sort of quota they have to fill? Is there something in Sophia Bush's contract? So, what happens next? Lindsay Faces Several Challenges – Chicago PD. At least Chicago PD

Chicago PD season 4 rinale review In the Chicago PD season 4 finale on Wednesday night, Erin Lindsay as at the core of almost everything. First, she had to deal with the challenge of potentially losing her job. Then, her mother found herself accused of. Will one of the detectives of Chicago PD be leaving the series in the season finale? Here's how you can watch season 4, episode 23 live, on TV and online. Is an original cast member about to leave NBC's Chicago PD? That's what fans are worried about

Chicago PD season 4 finale review: Lindsay at a crossroads

The season finale of Chicago P.D. tonight sees actress Markie Post return as Lindsay's mom Barbara “Bunny” Fletcher. During the episode Bunny calls Lindsay with the chilling news that her boyfriend has just been shot. With her mom now a suspect in the

At the end of the previous episode, Lindsay was caught in a rather bad situation when Chief Lugo (Esai Morales) walked in on her shoving a loaded gun into the mouth of a sexual predator in a bid to get some answers. The case was eventually resolved …

Finale — Watch” alt=”Linstead Fans, Don't Expect A Happy Ending From The 'Chicago P.D.' Finale — Watch”>
Linstead Fans, Don't Expect A Happy Ending From The 'Chicago P.D.' Finale — Watch
'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago Med' went out with shocking endings — and it sounds like 'Chicago P.D.' will too. HollywoodLife.com caught up with Jesse Lee Soffer and Jason Beghe ahead of the season four finale. Watch the interview here. While at the NBC. Sophia Bush leaving Earlier this week, the Chicago Fire finale took advantage of an opportunity to create a heck of a crazy finale, one that left many characters in jeopardy. Meanwhile, on the Chicago PD finale, the show chose to send things in a very …

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