Brooklyn Historical Society Opens DUMBO Outpost in Brooklyn Bridge Park

“Shifting Perspectives: Photographs of Brooklyn's Waterfront” mines the organization's modern and contemporary photography collection and features 65 images by 25 photographers, including Berenice Abbott, Bruce Davidson and Chester Higgins.

The Brooklyn Historical Society officially opened a second location on the DUMBO waterfront today with a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon. The new outpost, which will be called Brooklyn Historical Society DUMBO, is located in the Empire Stores complex,

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The view from the rooftop at Empire Stores. The new Brooklyn Historical Society outpost focuses on the borough's connection to its waterfront, past and present. View Full Caption. DNAinfo/Amy Langfield. DUMBO — The Brooklyn Historical Society will
The light cannot be overestimated. Or the view of the bridges. Or the giant open floor cutaway with grand stairs merging two floors, which gives the sense that ideas flow up, down and sideways here with ease. So yeah, 72andSunny has a pretty sweet …

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